Episode 182

Published on:

5th Jan 2024

The New Era of Online Education Series feat. Heather Alice Shea

Heather Alice Shea is the Founder & CEO of Atmana Academy, a life coach training and certification school for spiritually-driven practitioners and entrepreneurs. With a unique ability to make esoteric and scientific ideas practical, she guides aspiring healers, coaches, and teachers in developing their intuition and personal coaching style so they can confidently serve their clients in the way only they can.

As a former psychotherapist turned 7-figure master coach, she created the ground-breaking intuitive development system, True Intuition™. This pioneering approach is the perfect blend of science and spirit, and has empowered thousands of practitioners to walk in their calling as Certified Intuition Facilitators & Teachers while creating financial freedom on their own terms.

Heather's work has gained recognition in prominent publications such as Spirituality & Health Magazine, Mind Body Green, Brainz Magazine, and Best Self Magazine, establishing her as a thought leader in life coaching, intuition, and spiritual development.

Heather’s flagship program is called, 'True Intuition." True Intuition™ is the world's first Intuition Teacher Training & Certification program.

The program promise is simple. Using the 5 step True Intuition™ method, students first learn to unlock and fully cultivate their own intuitive abilities, and then learn how to teach the method to others. The time frame for accomplishing this is 4 months.


12:33 The difference between accreditation and continuing education credit.

15:10 Importance of understanding the client's perspective and experience.

21:30 Facilitating the Program and Orientation Process

29:16 Pre-deciding outcomes and setting goals for an event

37:55 Adjusting program based on student differences and backgrounds

40:41 The impact of certain clients on the group dynamic

46:18 Embracing vulnerability and coaching skills for great sessions

54:37 Understanding the Importance of Seeing Through Others' Eyes


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