Episode 188

Published on:

1st Mar 2024

The BIGGEST Mistake Most Coaches Make When Marketing Their Group Program

In this episode, Nikki Nash and I discussed common mistakes in marketing group coaching programs and shared insights on transitioning from one-on-one coaching to groups.

We discussed the concept of "experiment cycles," emphasizing the need for continuous testing and refinement of launch strategies. Sharing personal stories of overcoming setbacks, we stressed the importance of perseverance and strategic community building in sustaining group coaching programs.

Additionally, we shared details about our upcoming Group Coaching Mastery masterclass designed for coaches looking to enhance their group coaching skills and multiply revenue from existing programs.

Register for the Group Coaching Mastery Workshop Series at https://wbc.ck.page/24edb3e9cf


02:02 Nikki shares her first launch mistakes and lessons learned

06:54 Transitioning to Group Coaching Too Soon

10:42 Importance of Consistent Experiment Cycles

22:17 Pitfalls of Stagnant Experiment Cycles

24:54 Importance of Community Building and Nurturing

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