Episode 189

Published on:

8th Mar 2024

Showing Goats

In this episode I'm doing an update on the whirlwind events in my household, from my husband Shawn's back pain battle to a surprising pneumonia diagnosis, amidst the chaos of daily life with our daughter and a lively puppy. Certainly lessons on surrendering control and embracing vulnerability.

The title of this episode relates to a story about an unexpected invite to show goats at the NC State Fair that leads to lessons in trusting instincts, seeking help, and adapting to challenges.

Personal experiences translate to valuable lessons on leveraging strengths, taking strategic actions without overthinking, and stepping out of comfort zones for growth and transformation.

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03:54 Sean's Health Scare

10:39 The Goat Story

15:46 Lessons from Showing Goats

29:07 Taking Action with Confidence

32:58 Trusting Your Instincts

36:11 Leveraging Your Qualities

37:38 Repeating Success

44:09 Breaking Comfort Zones

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