Episode 133

Published on:

17th Jan 2023

Optimize Your Energy, Hormones and Libido with Maraya Brown

Everywhere we turn it seems like another ambitious woman entrepreneur is feeling fatigued, burned out, and exhausted. Women in their late 30s and early 40s even!

I was one of those women who battled brain fog, extreme fatigue, loss of muscle strength, headaches, missed menstrual cycles, over sleeping, hair loss, and anxiety. At the age of 39 I found out my adrenals were shot which led to thyroid autoimmune and low testosterone.

Balancing our hormones leads to living a more vibrant life!

In this episode you’ll hear a candid conversation between myself and Maraya Brown, a Yale and Functional Medicine Trained Women’s Health Expert (CNM, MSN). Her work online brings her 22 years of experience supporting women together in one place to co-create deep transformation, hormonal health, consistent stamina, and passion.


03:11 - Megan's health symptoms

05:22 - just because it's common doesn't mean it's normal

06:34 - hypothyroid diagnosis relating to adrenal fatigue

12:36 - where hormones fit into the picture

14:31 - the body will choose stress or bless

15:45 - so what's burning out our adrenals and what's up with masculine energy

22:50 - the effects of the environment and the food we ingest

27:31 - too much pro-inflammatory & not enough anti-inflammatory foods cause stress

31:48 - adaptogens for adrenals

37:31 - workout styles can have a huge impact


The Women’s Vibrancy Code: https://www.marayabrown.com/

The Women’s Vibrancy Code podcast:  https://www.marayabrown.com/podcast

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  • Decision making during your menstrual cycle: episode 29
  • Your brain on the pill with Dr Sarah Hill: episode 8


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