Episode 180

Published on:

22nd Dec 2023

Behind the Scenes of a Strategic VIP Day

Danielle Perlin-Good, Book Coach and Ghostwriter, recently came down to Florida for an in-person VIP.

For the past seven years Danielle has been working with clients in various ways and found herself working nights and weekends with two kids under five at home.

She was confident in her expertise and craft. She has produced results for clients.

But she was so deep in delivering the work it became difficult for her to find her way out and into a more aligned way of doing life and business together.

In this week’s episode you’ll get a sneak peek into Daniells’ VIP day, why she decided to invest, her top highlights from the day, and the results she’s achieved personally and professionally in just 6 weeks.

We are booking Strategic VIP Days for 2024 now. DM me on Facebook or Instagram “VIP DAY” if you are 80% certain this is for you.

I’ll ask you a few questions to ensure we are a good fit, then I’ll send you additional information to review and ask questions. When  we decide to move forward we’ll get you scheduled for your very own VIP Day.

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